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Menu writing and/or menu revision services are provided as requested.

As determined by the client, cycle menus can be written for a predetermined number of weeks and can reflect seasonal variations. Newly developed menus are written to offer clients high quality meals at affordable costs.

The menus, written to be in compliance with state and federal regulations, meet resident nutritional requirements and food/cultural acceptance. Most often they are customized to meet the needs of each facility considering resident food preferences, food preparation costs, available equipment, and food production skills of the kitchen staff.

These new and revised menus contribute to improving the dining experience and quality of life for residents/clients.


Established menus that are requested to undergo menu revisions are evaluated for state and federal regulation compliance, nutrition adequacy, food costs, and resident acceptance of menu choices.

They are reviewed following input from facility staff, residents and other considerations of the registered dietitian(s) in the review process.


Newly developed menus will be accompanied by menu support that includes spread sheets, week at a glance, alternative menus, holiday menus, standardized recipes, production sheets and nutrient analysis.

To assist with cost control and food quality we also provide food purchasing recommendations that reflect great food quality and reasonable food costs.