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Ongoing education is planned to meet the specific needs of each individual facility.

Our Registered and Licensed Consultant Dietitians are all able to provide monthly or as needed in-service education to dietary and when needed all facility staff members. Prior to an annual state survey In-service education may be provided on an as needed basis.

The topic(s) of education can be determined by in house staff and/or the facilities Consulting Registered Dietitian or may be the result of a Mock Survey. Nutrition education is available for residents, family and staff.

Consultant registered dietitians often serve as preceptors for the Certified Manager Course, which enables students to complete the course and obtain certification in a timely and effective manner.

Safety and sanitation compliance is assessed by the consultant registered dietitian on a scheduled or as need basis.

Professional speaker presentations are available and can be provided by all members of the Registered Dietitian Consultation team.

Our workshop presentation goals are to provide a program planned specifically to meet the facilities individual needs, and to produce effective learning for the attendees.